Siam Seaplane
The first premium seaplane service for Thailand.
Once in a lifetime — every time.

We are currently raising funds as part of a Seed Financing Round and are still open to domestic and international private and professional investors that can offer both capital as well as expertise or passion for seaplane operations in Thailand. Several investment instruments may be considered.

Further, we are interested in strategic partnerships and open to explore opportunities with beach resorts, marinas, luxury travel agencies, waterfront locations and companies as well as individuals with a keen interest in aviation in Thailand.

Market Opportunity

A large, and growing market covering domestic and foreign tourists, expats, business travelers, families and friends. Relevant segments include the ‘premium mass market’ as well as luxury. Siam Seaplane will offer a premium, seamless service at an accessible price. Seaplane services in other markets charge between 300-700 USD per flying hour per passenger, which allows for healthy unit economics and margins.


We are aiming to commence commercial operations within 2020. Implementing a phased approach (AOL/AOC) and initially limited route network allows for a realistic execution, while ensuring commercial viability from an early phase.


Our Chief Business Officer, Dennis, was interviewed by Travel News Asia during the Pattaya Boat Show 2019:

Some early mentions in the press:

Travel News Asia
“Seaplanes in Thailand? Interview with Dennis Keller, CBO of Siam Seaplane”
CH Aviation
“Thailand's Siam Seaplane targets 2Q20 launch”



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